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PowerPoint Presentations

On birds 🐦 

Coding (unplugged)

 As part of our instructional Writing and Coding in ICT we as an introduction to both topics(cross-curricular themes) carried out an unplugged coding task without turning on a computer, tablet or electronic device ( hence the name unplugged). The activity involved the steps needed to make a cup of tea. The language of coding was introduced to the children. Algorithm, bugged, debugged, debugging, etc. The children were then introduced to the apps Codespark, Lightbot Hour and Swift Playground. The class were excellent at programming and debugging their avatars. 

Tea made in different ways but same product produced.

Lightbot Hour

QR Code Research on Birds, Aeroplanes, Rockets and Famous Aviation Pilots and Inventors.

Research in Flight

Green Screen Creations

    As part of our work in both World Around Us on Flight and Script Writing in Literacy we used the information we found out on the various aspects of Flight. We then composed scripts and made various productions using the Green Screen App to make more affective. Watch this space.......