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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Each week your child will be set one Literacy based homework and one Numeracy homework. These will be assigned on the Seesaw app with clear instructions on what needs to be done. It will always be discussed in class and will be connected to class based learning. 
The homework should be completed in a Literacy or Numeracy homework book with the page ruled, dated and a heading included. It should be checked and signed by a guardian or parent and a photo or photos posted to the child’s journal. 

Please try to attach the photo/s to the assigned task by adding a new page or pages (see Seesaw page).


Spellings should be completed each night from Monday to Wednesday using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method and each spelling practised three times. A photo should be taken and attached to the task in the same way as above. 
On Thursday night, it is revision of all spellings with each spelling being written out once. Please help your child with any errors you notice as identifying mistakes can help them to learn. Look for analogies with other words, words within words, sounds etc. Learning all spellings by heart isn’t possible, but building their skills is an asset to their written work,  their pace of work and their confidence. 

Tables will be built around Times Tables RockStars. Details have been forwarded on Seesaw with instructions on how to log on. Please encourage your child to practise daily. Their speed will ensure progress through the levels. 

AR reading is expected to be done each night and is heavily supplemented in class. This is a programme which the school has invested much in and it has proven to be an excellent motivating stimulus. Monitoring in class will be done to encourage further and certificates awarded for progress.