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Giants Visit

 On Saturday 23rd of February, all of the Y6 classes went to see the Giants Ice Hockey Team. We were spirited into 2 buses, each person had a partner and I had Philip May.  We set off to Sprucefield to get a McDonalds Meal.  I had a Happy Meal, same as everyone but other people I think had a McFlurry.  It took us about 45 minutes or so, to have our Meals.  We got back on the bus afterwards to go to the Giants and it took about 20 minutes before we arrive at our destination. 
When we arrived, Philip and I got popcorn and the game had started by the time we return to our seats.  There were Cheer Leaders and they dance with the Gangnam Style. At the end of the game, the Giants won 3 - 1.
After the game, we went home and I had a really good time.
By Noah
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