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Eco Schools

This morning in assembly we were introduced to a new project called Eco Schools.
There are 30 Eco School members on our Eco Council. They are from Year 3 to Year 7. There are are 2 people out of each class -  a boy and a girl.  The Eco school council members in Y5T/D are Tori and Jonatan.

There are different achievements you can be awarded. Here are some of them - sliver badge, bronze badge and at the very end if we really improve we get a huge green flag!

Northern Ireland has over  840 registered Eco School and over 261 have achieved the huge green flag status. Our class has some good ideas and here they are:

Do not waste water.
Always photocopy as little as possible - use our interactive whiteboard.


If photocopying is required, do so on both sides.

Throw litter in the bin.
Use fruit waste to create compost.
Don't waste energy.
eg turn off lights and water.   Closethe door.
Use our Eco water bottle everyday.

By Beth and Lucy Y5T/D