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Easter Rocky Roads

This morning we visited Cranrua.  Here we made Easter baskets.  We made Easter buns also to put into our Easter Baskets.  The buns were called Easter Rocky Roads.  We had to use our maths skills to weigh the ingredients out correctly.  As there are thirty children in Y5M we had to multiply the ingredients by 3 to make enough buns.  We used
300g of milk chocolate
100g of salted butter softened
100g of digestive biscuits
100g of rich tea biscuits
100g of mini marshmallows
200g chocolate mini eggs
We melted the butter and chocolate on the hob in Cranrua.  We then broke up the biscuits and added the mini marshmallows.  Then we added the butter and chocloate to the biscuits and mixed everything together.  Next we decorated the buns with the mini eggs and added some extra chocolate.  The buns were lovely.  Everyone had a chance to contribute to making the buns.  The hardest part was waiting for the buns to set in the fridge.
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