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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'



By Emily  


Day 1 18/5/12

It is just the same as the day before. You can still see his legs I think. I don’t know if that is supposed to happen!


Day 2 19/5/12

Still the same as yesterday but you can’t see his legs. His legs look like little mustard dots. They are tiny you can hardly see them. The cocoon looks like a curled up leaf. I think it is dead inside its cocoon. I really hope it isn’t dead because I will start to panic. Hope it hatches soon.


Day 3 20/5/12

I think Jaffacake is starting to hatch, but you can still see his legs. Where the cocoon is hanging underneath there is a spider web. The food is turning brown from yellow, Oh dear!!


Day 4 21/5/12

It’s still the same! I don’t think it has gone crazy like Beth’s yet.

Maybe it will hatch when I am asleep!

Picture 1

By Beth C



First when I got home he was wriggling about like mad. I thought it was going to hatch it was that wiggly. Next I put it in a warm and dark spot. Mummy knocked it down by accident with a book, but it’s alright now, FEW! Billy-Bob sits in my room and wriggles about. He will sit there day and night until he turns into a BUTTERFLY! His cocoon seems to get bigger by the minute. It is 5cm long today. His legs stick out like wee tiny dots and they’re GOLD! and SHINY! He also ate some of the paper towel off the top and stuck his cocoon to the lid of the tub. It has a little ball of fluff beside its cocoon. I don’t know what it is. Though it looks like its head. mmmmmmm............

The cocoon has a little tiny steam at the top that holds itself to the webby thing.



Billy-Bob is sitting in my room still wiggling. No sign of a crack yet. His cocoon is getting longer and longer and longer. About an hour later there was a crack…………… nothing happened. So he’s still in his cocoon warm and cosy. 3 hours later nothing happened but his cocoon just got longer.



I went to my caravan and when I got home he started to shake and didn’t stop at all. His cocoon got really long. A few minutes later a BIG crack, but it never hatched. As the cocoon started to split it started to change colour from a beighy colour to a dark brownish colour. I’m so happy I am starting to shake with it.



This morning it won’t move and it’s very still. It’s in its cocoon though. I just hope it’s NOT dead.

Picture 1