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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'

Cookery Club

Week two.


Making tea and toast

Week 1 (new group)


We made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.


Week Four.


On our finally week we made top hats we ate one in class and brought the others home.

Week 3


Learning the difference between a sandwich and making a toastie sandwich.

All the boys and girls made a ham and cheese toastie -

remembering all the safety aspects of using hot cooking equipment.

We also learnt how to set a table correctly and how we should hold a knife and fork to eat.


Week 2.


Making melting snowmen using digestive biscuits, icing sugar, marshmallows, cake decorating pens and mini smarties.

Year 4 Cookery Club 


Week 1 - 

Learning the importance of hygiene in the kitchen and when preparing and cooking food.


We made tea and toast.