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Welcome to our Digital Leaders Blog


This week half of the Y6 digital leaders have come together to write the first blog for the digital leader page. Last week we introduced ourselves to one another and discussed the roles of a digital leader and shared these with the key stage 2 teachers. All digital leaders got their photo taken .These photos will be displayed in each KS2 classroom and around the school.

This week we were put into groups to make the blog official. Some of the groups consisted of interviewing each other on why they wanted to become digital leaders.Other children printed out pictures of the digital leaders and three girls played and reviewed on apps and the last group wrote an introduction to the digital leaders page. 


Thank you for reading the first official Digital Leaders blog.

By Bella, Ashton and Polly







Internet Safety Assembly KS2

Safer Internet Day was on Tuesday 5th February. The Y6-7 Digital Leaders performed an assembly regarding internet safety. The assembly’s main point was “Our Internet, Our Choice, Understanding consent in a digital world.” We discussed various ways on how we could use the internet e.g. Fortnite and TikTok. We then found the meaning of consent which is to have permission online and offline. Apps may ask you for your consent which could give away personal information. Asking for and giving permission is an opportunity to make a choice about your life online and your behaviour towards different games.


While practising, the Digital Leaders created the gameshow “Who wants to be the next top Digital Leader?” The game show had two teams, the Samsungs and the iPhones. They had to answer questions about different scenarios regarding permission. The questions were based on different choices and we had to pick the right choice to get the question right. All KS2 pupils had to think about the correct answer to each question too. In our assembly we were representing what positive choices we could make online in relation to consent.

Safer Internet Day Assembly

Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1

Safer Internet day was on Tuesday 5th February, the Digital Leaders lead an assembly on how to stay safe online.

We performed a sketch about Zap and Zoom two friends that play together online.  As Digital Leader we wanted to share how we can be safe online when gaming or using social media.


Digital leaders also discussed that some apps were under age for pupils within the school so we had a assembly to represent what could happen to you if you were online and a message or text came up wanting your personal information.  We presented this information in a fun and friendly way, to ensure even the youngest pupils in P1 know what to do!


Never give away your personal information because you don't know who wants it or why they want it!


Our Safer Internet Day assembly was very successful and very educational.We encouraged everyone to talk to their parents or teachers, if they were unsure about anything online.

Safe Passwords

Google InterLand


Last week we learnt the main factors of how to use the IMEX board. These things are essential to use and operate the board, these things include:

  • How to turn it on and off
  • How to write and draw
  • How to change colour and size of font
  • How to turn up volume
  • How to fix a glitch

We learnt these skills so if a sub or any teacher was stuck or unable to use the board we could help them.


We also talked about E-Safety and how important it is to be SMART online . Here is some things we talked about or did:We made sure every class in Millington had an E-Safety poster, We made an online E-Safety quiz for our Millington pupils  and we talked about how we could be smart online.


By Katie, Polly, Annie, Matthew and Ashton

Learning how to code using scratch

In term 1 of Digital Leaders we were working on Scratch. The first day we used Scratch we were learning how to delete and add a Sprite . Then as we got more familiar with Scratch we started to use the Script by going on to the different columns and adding directions for the Sprite to go . After we did that we started to  build up by adding more directions , adding a background and changing the Sprite by pressing the space bar . The Digital Leaders have very much enjoyed using Scratch and we would definitely advise you to give Scratch a try . aIf you log into My School at home you can access Scratch.


By Polly