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Banana Poems

My Banana
My banana is a big, fat, cuddly brown bear,
it jumps in the air and then falls on its bottom
and says...ooohh, that hurt!
My banana reminds me of the desert
because it's sunny there and the sun is yellow
and so is my banana!
By Natalie 

Banana Poem
The banana is 50% canary and 50% monkey,
Jumping and Flying.
The babana is an archer shooting arrows.
The banana is a pair of yellow underpants.
The banana reminds me of sunny Spain, it's lovely there.
The banana is 11am.
The banana is pain....battered and bruised.
By Matthew L 

The Banana
The banana is a lion, roaring for its food.
The banana is a tennis player, running everywhere.
The banana is a yellow sock, soft and smooth like wool.
The banana is Spain, because it is tropical and bright.
The banana is morning because it is bright like the sun.
It makes me feel hungry and happy.
By Cassia

Banana Poem
The banana is a cheetah running as fast as the wind.
The banana is a gymnast tumbling over the mat.
The banana is a brown and yellow polka dot tie hanging from my neck.
The banana is Africa as it feels warm.
The banana is afternoon when I eat my banana for healthy break.
The banana is ecstatic!
By Aimee P

The Banana
The banana is a baby chick cheeping in the farmyard.
The banana is a high jumper jumping in the sky.
The banana is like yellow wellie boots splashing in puddles.
The banana is the USA because it's amazing like bananas.
The banana is morning time because it's a lovely new day.
The banana is enthusiastic.
By Ellen