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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Ditch the Dark Assembly.


Thank you to Mrs Beggs for explaining what Ditch the Dark is all about.

We all know that tomorrow Thursday 19th December we are coming 

to school wearing bright, fluorescent or reflective clothing. 

This is to keep us Safe.

We had the Pleasure of EA Orchestra in school

to teach us about the different types of instruments and 

also to play some amazing tunes.


Some older children even got to conduct the orchestra.

Year 2 Christmas Assembly 

Everyone Loves a Baby!


Well Done to all the boys and girls you all were absolutely brilliant!

Foundation and Key Stage one Assembly taken by Rev. Orr

Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Assembly

Ms McBride held a special Assembly to explain the importance 

of keeping safe and who we can go to in school 

to get help.

There are a number of teachers on the 

Safe Guarding Team

Mrs Murray

Mrs Taylor

Ms McBride

Mrs Ogilby-Black

Mrs McGeehan

Miss Loudan

Mrs Drought 

Mrs Whittle who is the BoG representative.




On Friday, the Year one children had their first Foundation Stage and Key Stage one Assembly, kindly organised by Miss Creane, Mrs Hylands and Mrs McGeehan.


This was a special Assembly as the ladies were telling everyone about their experience going to Swaziland as part of the Water Project which Millington has been supporting for a number of years.


It was a very humbling time and gave the ladies an opportunity of a lifetime helping others.  They shared how the children and the people loved receiving all the items, thanks to the parents and children of Millington who had sent supplies last school term.


The children that the teachers were working with were mainly orphans who have so many difficulties in life but yet were so happy and thankful for everything! This makes us think and be very thankful for all our luxuries and resources that we have at home and in school.


A sincere thanks to you all for sending in more items which will be going via container to help the children in Forbes Reef School in time for Christmas.