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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Creating Our Year 5S Team flag.

In class we discussed ‘What makes a really good team?’. We listed qualities that we thought were essential for working together as a team this year and used these traits and qualities to create a tile each. Each tile was pieced together to create our overall class flag.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers 🌻 


We have been studying Van Gogh, a famous Dutch artist who specialised in creating fine art paintings. Some of his famous pieces include: Starry Night, Irises and Sunflowers. During our Art lessons, we have been studying real life sunflowers, paying particular attention to their texture, shape and colour. 


Whilst Van Gogh painted 'Sunflowers', we have been using oil pastels to achieve the same effect. In class we discussed the Colour Wheel and how certain colours can be created using only the primary colours. Miss Sleator then modelled how to achieve a three dimensional colour by using a number of oil pastels and layering them over each other using short strokes.