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Year5 Art project based on ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds

The dot is a picture book written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. The story focuses around a little girl called Vashti who discovers her artistic talent. Vashti has very little self confidence in her artistic ability and becomes frustrated that she cannot draw anything. Her teacher helps her discover that she has a real flair in Art by encouraging her to start by drawing a dot. 

When Vashti becomes angry and frustrated, her teacher says “Just make a mark and see where it takes you!” So with her teacher’s encouragement she begins with a small dot. The next day the teacher asks Vashti sign it and she has it framed on her wall. Vashti is suddenly dissatisfied with her dot and so she tries different approaches to explore creating Art using just a dot. Suddenly, Vashti has created a whole Art show.