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Active Learning - Maths

Year 3A have been learning about even and odd numbers.  We have been investigating if you add 2 even numbers what is your answer.  Even or odd?  The children repeated this with 2 odd numbers and then what is your answer when you add 1 even and 1 odd number.  Even or odd?       
Is your house number even or odd? 
Is your age even or odd?   
How many people live in your house?  Is this number even or odd?

This week Year 3A have been learning place value and tens and units in class.
They have been counting in 10's from any given number, adding and taking away 10 and also finding how many tens and units in any number.  The children were also learning how to add two numbers using tens and units.                      

                                25 = ____ tens ____ units                                                 

                            4 tens and 3 units - Can you guess my number?

I have 23 Moshi Monsters.  Jenna has 13 Moshi Monsters.  How many have we altogether?       
Have a look to see what they have been doing?