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A Local Author visits Millington!!!

A local author of childrens' books called Shirley McMillan came to Millington.  Shirley taught us about poems.  She said, "To write a good poem you really need some silly ideas."  So we were told to bring a banana to write our poem on.  The children thought this quite funny but a brilliant idea.  One child, inscribed an animal on his banana, other children thought it was a whale.  

Shirley taught us to make mini booklets to write our own story and some children used pictures instead of writing.  Shirley showed us some of the books she loved when she was a child and books she still loves to this day.   She also showed books that she wrote and they were really lovely and interesting. The children really enjoyed her visit and loved her method of putting together silly ideas for a poem. Here is one example....

My banana is a horse gliding along,
My banana is a jockey that had just won the race,
My banana is Egypt becuase it has some brown spots on it,
My banana is night time because it is nearly black,
My banan is luminous pink converse shoes that will run all day,
My banana makes me hungry and happy at the same time.

By Jodie

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